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LMRPManager specializes in Medical Necessity/Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) applications, Medical Necessity Data services and Denial Management.

We are very proud to support a national client base of Health Systems and Hospitals. Our Medical Necessity/ABN applications are robust, accurate, and provide more functionality than anything else available. Our Medical Necessity Data Tables are a perfect match for any HIS system that needs accurate and up to date Medicare CPT/ICD codes.

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LMRPManager, LLC was founded in 2001 by two healthcare industry executives, who manage our sales and operations to this day.

LMRP is an acronym for "Local Medical Review Policy". LMRPs are now know as LCDs (Local Coverage Determinations) and NCDs (National Coverage Determinations). LCDs and NCDs are the primary building blocks of our medical necessity solutions. Our staff monitors and manages these policies on a continuous basis for use in our web applications and medical necessity data tables. We use no outside support for policy processing which allows us to quickly provide service for our clients.

Today, we service hundreds of hospitals nationwide ranging from individual community hospitals to many large multi-hospital health systems.

We are proud to have three of the ten largest hospitals in the country and four of the top 25 as clients. All four have a large percentage of Medicare patients and they rely upon our LMRPManager and RACManager services. In addition, all have been clients for over 12 years now.

Our business prospers by providing our clients with great solutions and super responsive support. We are especially proud to help our clients apply "Best Practices" regarding challenging Medicare issues.

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