Identify and Eliminate Denials

DEnial Monitoring and Management

Our "Denial Montoring Service" allows you to "see" denial trends on an interactive Denial Dashboard.

  • Denial Alerts - Automatically sends client specified denial trends by HCPCS, DRG, Reason, Medicare Policy and more.
  • Custom Alerts - We create custom client specific reports delivered by email at your specified intervals.
  • Denial Dashboard - Interactive analitics allows you to quickly identify new denial trends, compare denied services by payors, reason and much more.
  • Denial Reporting - Pre-defined and client customizable reports that can be export to PDF, Excel, CSV, and Word.
  • Denial Charting - Pre-defined and client customizable charts that can be exported to PDF, Excel, CSV, and Word.
  • Automatic Daily Monitoring - Extracts and stores key denial data from your electronic remittances for all payors.
  • A Multi-Provider and Multi-Payor Solution - Perfect for Health Systems who wish to monitor denials for all of their provider and payor types.

 We provide denial information by email to your staff in an actionable format not available anywhere else. Here are some examples: